Integrated Theraputic Massage is a service that can include a single approach, or more often, a combination of approches. In Integrated Theraputic Massage, I bring in the following modalities:

Swedish Massage: Long, flowing and kneading strokes designed to ease tension, promote good sleep and deppen breathing.

Connective Tissue Therapy (CTT): A simple, energetic approach that offers deep relaxation without deep,painful pressure. May help relieve chronic tension, increase flexibility, and promote self-awareness.

Hot Stone Massage: Includes the placement and movement of hot stones across the tissues.  Produces warming, deep relaxation and rest. (Note: There is a surcharge for any service requiring the heating of one or more stones, this is reflected in the fee.)

Acupoint: Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, fingertips and hands are used in “point work” along energy channels to promote well-being.

Cupping therapy:  The placement of suction cupsin specific areas.  Aimed at reducing pain and inflammation, and increasing blood flow and relaxation.

Reiki: Placement of hands in stationary holds along trouble areas in the body.  A Japanese energy technique used for stress reduction, relaxation, and self-healing.

Prenatal Massage Therapy:  Specialized massage for the soon-to-be mother, including most of the approaches above.  In prenatal massage, techniques are adapted to the changes in the body due to pregnancy.  In later months, the sidelying position is used for comfort, including pillows, deep relaxation, and lots of TLC!

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